Quick Resets!

In-between my major projects and collaborations, I’ll be posting some short videos with quick tips for teachers – suggestions for small shifts and modifications that you can make right away to shake up your everyday teaching routines or spaces. Sometimes even the smallest change can yield big results, or create a domino effect of change for the better.

In my first “Quick Reset” video, I’ll cover two quick tips: one of which challenges teachers to adopt the mindset: “What can we do with what we have the way things are right now?” – it can be really easy to dwell on the negative, the things that trip up our days and schedules, the “if onlys” of education life.

What if instead of dwelling on these thoughts, we tried to brainstorm ways to improve our situation RIGHT NOW? In this episode, I’ll share an example of a strategy I used with my hectic morning class schedule last semester. It might work for you, too, or perhaps spark another idea you could try!

Check out the latest episode here:

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