Quick Resets!

In-between my major projects and collaborations, I’ll be posting some short videos with quick tips for teachers – suggestions for small shifts and modifications that you can make right away to shake up your everyday teaching routines or spaces. Sometimes even the smallest change can yield big results, or create a domino effect of change for the better.

In my first “Quick Reset” video, I’ll cover two quick tips: one of which challenges teachers to adopt the mindset: “What can we do with what we have the way things are right now?” – it can be really easy to dwell on the negative, the things that trip up our days and schedules, the “if onlys” of education life.

What if instead of dwelling on these thoughts, we tried to brainstorm ways to improve our situation RIGHT NOW? In this episode, I’ll share an example of a strategy I used with my hectic morning class schedule last semester. It might work for you, too, or perhaps spark another idea you could try!

Check out the latest episode here:

Part 2 of the SMS Library Reset Series is now available!

Part two (of three) all about the Sandburg Middle School library is now available for viewing!

Part two explores our BIG IDEAS for renovating the space, and we discuss what small steps have been taken already to change the library. Part three will incorporate even more changes we have in store to help make the library a main hub and gathering space for our school.

(Note: Part three will take a little longer to complete, as some larger projects are in the works. In the meantime, #ResetEDU is not going anywhere – there are other Reset episodes to fill in the gaps until the big reveal is ready!)

NEW VIDEO: Part 1 of 3

I just posted my first OFFICIAL episode (outside of the welcome/intro) to the ResetEDU YouTube channel! My initial goal for the channel is to hit 100 subscribers so that I can get a custom URL. My long-term 2019 goal is to hit 1000 subscribers! I’ll also be needing more friends to connect with to make ResetEDU episodes! You can request a reset here, or share with/nominate a friend! I don’t need to be local; we can always do quick resets via Hangouts or Facetime – I’d love to connect, so don’t hesitate to reach out!

…And We’re Off!

Well, here we go! This is the very first ResetEDU episode of the series – I’m just trying to set the stage and give you an idea of where our path is headed. I’d love to have your help with spreading the word – please consider giving my project a shout-out or recommendation on your favorite social media channels, or liking/subscribing to the ResetEDU YouTube channel!

Thank you for all of your support! 

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What is Reset EDU?

ResetEDUHi I’m Jen – I’m a former art teacher turned middle school technology teacher in the suburbs of Chicago, IL. In the summer of 2018, I was accepted into the Google Certified Innovator Program.

I enjoy combining my love of art and technology into creative digital projects, like videos, to help teach and inspire my students. I’m also a mom, a wife, and an avid rollerskater!

Project Reset is my #LAX18 Innovator Project for the Google Certified Innovator program, a web series where I strive to help educators hit their own professional “reset” button by applying Design Thinking principles to their teaching career, be it curriculum, physical spaces, or even professional relationships.

In these episodes, I will dive into personal stories of friends, colleagues, and others who want to collaborate to refresh and promote positive change in their teaching.

I hope that ResetEDU will inspire new ideas in teaching and learning!
Have you tried turning it off and back on again? Is it time for a RESET?

YouTube web series coming SOON!

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